The Ionian Islands, also known as the ''Eptanissa'' (Seven Islands) in Greek, lie in the Ionian Sea along all the west coast of the Greek mainland and the north-west coast of the Peloponnese.

Picturesque green brush strokes against a blue-green background of sea, the beautiful Ionian islands, big and small, form a unique cluster at the western edge of Greece and form the gateway between West and East.

These islands show clear traces of many European civilizations: Venetian, French, British and others, in their architecture, monuments and culture. There are also distinct traces of an ancient heritage dating back to the Homeric period, principally in the form of Ulysses.

Superb beaches both cultivated and wild, wonderful varieties of scenery, beautiful nooks, a rich and vibrant cultural life dominated by music, noble cities and traditional villages are an irresistible attraction to a large number of visitors.

In the Ionian islands tourists can find whatever they want for their holidays: peaceful countryside, vibrant nightlife, luxury hotels or the cheaper but well-tended resorts, noisy or quiet beaches or distant peaceful corners, sea or mountain, a wealth of artistic activity and cultural events, contact with nature and ecology, sports, a delicious local cuisine, traditional healthy produce, and the open-handed warmth and friendship of the local people.